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Sometimes we find ourselves facing a dilemma at the saw mill…

We build custom furniture, and we cut custom lumber orders, but we also have items on display at Area 61, a local gallery, and sometimes we travel to shows. It’s when things are going well that we have a slight problem.

You may have noticed that items disappear from our page, and aren’t always replaced by new items right away. That’s usually because we are working on custom orders. Lots of times, customers will visit the gallery, or see something online or at the shop that they LOVE, but it’s not quite the right size.

The best answer is to have a similar item built to fit your space. Sometimes, customers see photographs of furniture they would like us to build, or have a blueprint. We like building custom stuff because then we know our customers get exactly what they want.

The problem is that the more time we spend working on custom orders, the less time we have to build “in stock now” items. So, please forgive us if our selection seems a little skimpy. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, come by and browse our photo albums and talk to us about what you like.

(This post originally appeared on 6/24/10)