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Most of our customers are familiar with our “fishing chairs.” We didn’t come up with the design – it’s actually a traditional African design – but we love building these chairs.

When people see one of these chairs for the first time, they will often walk up, grab the back and sort of shake it a little, then ask “Is it sturdy enough to sit on?” It’s tough not to laugh when that happens because these chairs will hold anybody! We are careful to build them so that they don’t rock and won’t tip over easily.


Some of our chairs are really casual; they are perfect for porch sittin’ and easy to move around. Some of them are sanded to a high sheen and are built out of specialty lumber like Black Walnut or Cherry. All of them have the Push Hard brand on them.


Choosing a chair is FUN. Sitting in each one, leaning back, checking to see how it fits you, deciding if you want a tall chair or a short chair or even a pair of chairs makes people happy.

Right now, we have several pairs of book matched chairs and even some groups of two chairs and a small table/footstool. All of the chairs pictured are Cedar, and available for purchase at $100 each.  These photos are great because they are still works-in-progress, but you get the idea.